On any single vessel there could be hundreds of systems from bilges to hatches to navigation lights which all need to be controlled and monitored. Whereas in the past, systems would have been controlled by multiple columns of lights, Radamec’s latest system eSHIP is monitored using computerised graphics on touch screens, with the alarm history downloadable to a USB stick for convenient storage. 
eShip will monitor and record every alarm, if something is critical with the engine for example or if a high water bilge alarm goes off. There’s no limit to what can be monitored and controlled. Navigation lights used to have their own control panel but these can now be included in eShip for a low cost. 
In addition, the system can have a built in Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) integrated, saving money and space. “Each vessel will have its own unique system, depending on the size and type of vessel,” explained Mr Dainton. “The system is very flexible and extendable, for instance there could be an extra generator, more lights included, propulsion control, engine control, we can monitor from 20 alarm inputs to more than 1,000 and prioritise the alarms. 
Depending how big the ship is, the system can be set up to send alarms to different cabins. There is a lot of intelligence built in to make sure everything is logged. 
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