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The Newbury Diesel Co. Limited was formed in 1932, and specialized in the design and manufacture of medium sized marine propulsion and auxiliary diesel engines and associated equipment. 
In 1964 it developed a bridge remote control system for its own reversing engines. These were followed by the design of the first of a series of machinery protection alarm systems in 1965. 
Bridge remote control designs were then produced for reverse/reduction gearbox installations, controllable pitch propellers and other manufacturers direct reversing engines. 
It became evident that there was a market for complete 'package' systems, and further products were developed to enable the Company to offer complete ship systems wholly of its own design and manufacture. This removed the possibility of interface incompatibility, reduced the time and cost to the Shipbuilder of coordinating separate sub- 
contractors, and placed the onus for satisfactory operation of the overall installation onto one company. 
Manufacture of the firm's diesel engines was discontinued in the mid 1970's, and other interests were later disposed of. In 1981 the Company moved in to new premises to concentrate entirely on marine automation equipment. 
As well as continuing to design and manufacture complete package systems, which includes consultation with, and fitment of specialized manufacturer’s equipment, the Company continued developing its range of products and can offer customers well proven individual systems for fitment onto vessels or for inclusion into a complete package offered by the Company or other system manufacturers. 
These individual products include alarm monitoring systems, engine safety systems, control systems both pneumatic and electric/electronic and telegraph systems. 
In January 1987 the Company was taken over, renamed Newbury Diesel Controls Limited and moved to new premises in Newbury. The Company has retained its operational independence from the new parent company, namely Radamec Plc which is based at Chertsey, but has the added advantage of being involved with a large high tech company with regard to research and development of new products. 
Prior to 1985 the Company's products were found mainly in vessels ranging in size from tugs, landing craft and ferries up to 5,000 ton tankers and general cargo vessels. The introduction in 1985 of an electro/electronic control system, which is suitable for the bridge control of most vessels that are propelled by either fixed pitch propellers driven via a reverse/ reduction gearbox or a controllable pitch propeller, opened up new markets and our equipment can now also be found on fast patrol craft, luxury yachts and fishing boats. 
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